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Past Exhibition

The Ronald W. Longsdorf Collection

March 15 - April 13, 2013


Song Dynasty (A.D. 960-1279)

with gently rounded shallow sides divided into six petal-lobes by evenly spaced fillets of clay on the interior below notches at the rim, the wide flat center freely carved and combed with stylized waves encircling a central medallion of a flower spray, the underside plain, the glaze of characteristic olive tone, pooling darker in the recesses of the carving to emphasize the design, the slightly rounded base unglazed around the recessed rimless foot, the exposed stoneware fired reddish-brown.

Diameter 5 14 inches (13.3 cm)

A less elaborately carved Yaozhou celadon dish of similar form, carved with similar wave pattern but lacking the floral medallion and without the petal-lobed segmentation of the sides, discovered in a Southern Song hoard at Jinyucun, Suining, Sichuan province in 1991, is illustrated in the catalogue of the travelling exhibition entitled Fūlin sareta Nansō toji ten (Newly Discovered Southern Song Ceramics: A Thirteenth-Century “Time Capsule”), Tokyo, 1998, p. 98, no. 118.

Another plain-rim Yaozhou celadon dish of this type carved with wave pattern in the Shanghai Museum is illustrated in Zhongguo taoci quanji (7) Song, shang (The Complete Works of Chinese Ceramics, Vol. 7, Song, I), Shanghai, 2000, p. 112, no. 99, with caption on p. 245; another is illustrated in the Museum of Oriental Ceramics exhibition entitled Yōshū-yō no seiji (Celadon of Yaozhou Ware), Osaka, 1991, p. 14, no. 34; and another is illustrated in Chinese Ceramics in the Idemitsu Collection, Tokyo, 1987, no. 449.

宋    耀州青瓷刻花水波花卉紋碟    徑  13.3  厘米