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Past Exhibition

Chinese Ceramics in Black and White

March 20–April 10, 2010


Longshan Culture, Shandong province, circa 2400–2000 B.C.

with rounded body raised on three short, splayed tapering legs and decorated with three raised circular bosses around the middle, surmounted by a tall neck which is pinched at the front to form a rising tapered gutter-form spout, the back of the neck flaring out to a rounded rim above the twisted handle ornamented at the top with two circular bosses on either side, the white pottery shading to a buff color and lightly burnished overall, with areas of encrusted earth from burial.

Height 1418 inches (35.8 cm)

Compare the white pottery ewer unearthed at Sanlihe, Jiaoxian county, Shandong province in 1974–75 and illustrated in Jiaoxian Sanlihe (Report on the Excavation of the Sanlihe Site), Beijing, 1988, pl. LXV:1, and in a line drawing on p. 27, fig. 17:1.

Compare also the ewer with a more elongated spout unearthed in 1960 from the Yaoguanzhuang site, Shandong province, illustrated in Zhongguo wenwu jinghua daquan: Taocijuan (Compendium of Chinese Archaeological Treasures: Ceramics), Hong Kong, 1993, p. 20, no. 67.

新石器時代    山東    龍山文化    白陶鬹    高 35.8 厘米