J.J. Lally & Co., Oriental Art / New York City, New York


Past Exhibition

Chinese Art from the Scholar’s Studio

March 13 - April 11, 2015


17th-18th Century

the framed three-board floating panel front opening to reveal an asymmetrical arrangement of small drawers with baitong (white brass) pulls within a grid of members embellished with concave leading edges, the outer frame with baitong corner mounts, squared side handles and lock.

15 14 x 14 18 x 12 12 inches (39 x 36 x 31.7 cm)

The multiple drawers in different sizes are designed to hold seals, inks, brushes and other scholarly paraphernalia associated with the high arts of painting and calligraphy.

十七-十八世紀    黃花梨案頭櫃    39 x 36 x 31.7 厘米