J.J. Lally & Co., Oriental Art / New York City, New York


Past Exhibition

Ancient Chinese Jade

March 15-29, 2018


Hongshan Culture, circa 3800-2700 B.C.

of rounded form, carved on both sides with a central panel of deep grooves separated by five ribs extending to pointed teeth at the lower edge, a small hole at the center of the upper edge for suspension, the olive green stone with cloudy tan mottling.

Length 3 58 inches (9.2 cm)

Compare the Hongshan oblong pendant discovered at Aohanqi, Inner Mongolia, now in the collection of the Aohanqi Museum, illustrated by Gu (ed.), Zhongguo chutu yuqi quanji (Complete Collection of Jades Unearthed in China), Vol. 2, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Beijing, 2005, p. 32

Compare also the Hongshan oblong pendant discovered in Anyang, Henan province from the tomb of Lady Hao (circa 1200 B.C.), illustrated in the catalogue of the exhibition organized by the National Palace Museum, Taipei, Wu Ding yu Fu Hao: Yin Shang shengshi wenhua yishu tezhan (King Wu Ding and Lady Hao: Art and Culture of the Late Shang Dynasty), Taipei, 2012, p. 119, no. III-3.

新石器時代 紅山橢圓形玉飾 長9.2厘米